Policy & Legislation

While many aspects of the compostable products industry are voluntary today, the landscape is changing quickly as communities try to address issues around packaging waste, methane generation at landfills, contamination at composting facilities, and insufficient collection and processing infrastructure. These factors simultaneously pose threats and create opportunities for the compostable products industry.

As a result, BPI is highly engaged on bills, regulations, and legislation at the local, state and federal levels. Working to make sure definitions of compostability are scientifically accurate, and that requirements for labeling and identification are consistent and aligned with BPI's Labeling and Identification Guidelines, are two frequent points of engagement.  

Full and Stakeholder Members are eligible to participate in BPI’s Legislative and Advocacy Committee, which is where this activity is discussed on a monthly basis. BPI Members are also eligible to receive a monthly digest email that reviews all legislative activity that BPI is tracking. A link to that email is available in BPI’s Monthly Members Newsletter.

Monitoring and Acting on State and Federal Bills in the US and Canada

BPI has an external bill tracking service for bills and regulations that could impact compostable products and composting infrastructure at the state and federal levels. BPI Members can access these reports, along with analysis of priority legislation, through a dashboard organized by key categories. The dashboard provides a quick snapshot of BPI's activities for particular bills, includes work being done by local and national partners, and contains links to comments submitted and draft bill language. 

The Legislation & Advocacy Committee is in the process of developing Guiding Principles documents for each bill category. This will enable BPI to quickly develop public comments on bill amendments and to collaborate with partner organizations, all while giving BPI Members a chance to shape the position. 

BPI works with local, state and federal partners in order to respond and advocate for legislation impacting the industry. 

Check back frequently to see updates
on the following guiding principles:

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) 


• Landfills Bans / Organics

• Mandates

• Infrastructure

• Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCR)

Committee Engagement

The Legislation & Advocacy Committee meets monthly to review current legislation, principles document drafts, and other relevant topics for the industry. Participation in the committee is open to all BPI Members, as is a monthly digest email that reviews all legislative activity that BPI is tracking. A link to that digest email is regularly available in BPI's Monthly Member Newsletter. There is a special subcommittee for topics specific to Canada that meets monthly as well. 

BPI is a science-driven organization that supports a shift to the circular economy by promoting the production, use, and appropriate end of lives for materials and products that are designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments.

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