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Compostable Logo FAQ

How will the program change versus what was done previously? 

DIN CERTCO will take over the validation of BPI’s program. Previously,  BPI contracted with NSF International, from 2012-2017.  BPI will manage the application process, handle all the billing for certification and licensing, issue certificates and maintain the online database of certified products. DIN CERTCO will conduct the Technical Reviews. 

What will certification and licensing cost? 

The costs for certification and licensing will not change in 2018:

  • Certification Review: $1,500 per new application, valid for 3 years; $1,000 for re-certification. 
  • BPI Licensing/Membership: $3,000/yr. Members of the US Composting Council will receive a $500/yr discount. 

The licensing fee covers all certified products sold by a company; sublicenses a are required for custom manufacturing under a customer's brand.  

Will my product/material formulation information remain confidential? 

Yes, all information supplied to BPI and DIN CERTCO will be classified as confidential business information. Policies and procedures are in place to ensure that all confidential customer information is protected and secure. This is a fundamental component of all DIN CERTCO's existing certification programs. A trilateral non-disclosure agreement will be instituted with your company, DIN CERTCO, and BPI prior to starting any programs. 

Where do I access my certified materials/products? 

All certified material/products will remain listed on the BPI website. After DIN CERTCO’s validation that your products comply with ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868, you will be sent the BPI licensing documents for signature granting you the right to use the Compostable Logo. The certified product(s) will also appear in the public listing on the BPI website as they have historically. 

How does this change in program administration affect my certified product/material? 

The change in program administration has no affect on materials/products currently certified. All materials/products will remain certified during their 3-year certification period unless a change is made to the product. BPI will notify customers when a material/product is due for recertification. The appropriate procedures for maintaining certification will be followed according to the Program Rules Document. 

Where are payments made? 

All BPI Certification program related fees will continue to be paid to BPI. 

How do I begin the process of certification? 

To begin the certification process, you may contact Susan Hubbard, Certification Manager at BPI (certification@bpiworld.org; 888-274-5646, ext 1), or visit the BPI Certification intake form. These pages will discuss all of the necessary steps required to certify your material(s) and or product(s). Product information is required to be submitted for review. This includes items such as product name/model number, formulation information, color, thickness and applicable test data from an approved  testing laboratory. 

Can I continue to use the same laboratories I’ve been using for testing purposes?

Most of the laboratories BPI has used are also approved by DIN CERTCO, or are in the process of getting approved, but please check with your lab for BPI for details.  These certified compostability testing labs are listed on the BPI website.

BPI is a science-driven organization that supports a shift to the circular economy by promoting the production, use, and appropriate end of lives for materials and products that are designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments.

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