The BPI Certification Process


Approved Test
 Independent Review BPI License Agreement  Review of Marketing Materials & Claims
Applicant obtains ASTM test results on product. Click here for a list of BPI-Approved Labs.
After testing is completed (or if applicant needs help with testing schemes), a trilateral NDA is signed with BPI and DIN CERTCO.  Applicant provides product description and full formulation disclosure, maximum thicknesses, etc. Click here to Request an NDA.
BPI collects all documents and tests, and transmits to DIN CERTCO for independent  review.
After independent review of test results, applicant enters into licensing agreement granting them right to use The Compostable Logo and other BPI trademarks. License is valid for three years. Applicant prepares sample artwork of packaging, web pages, brochures & advertising using the compostable logo. BPI will periodically test and inspect products in the market for compliance.

Click here to download a PDF version of this process.

BPI is a science-driven organization that supports a shift to the circular economy by promoting the production, use, and appropriate end of lives for materials and products that are designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments.

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