About the Biodegradable Products Institute

BPI was formed as a nonprofit in 1999 with the mission to promote the production, use and appropriate end of lives for materials and products that are designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments, such as industrial composting.

  • A certification based on scientific standards was needed to help to identify products that were truly compostable, with verifiable claims
  • The certification scheme was based on ASTM test methods and specifications,  similar to European specifications being used
  • The certification was launched in conjunction with the USCC, referencing its “Compost Facility Operating Guide” from 1994/1997 and had the USCC name on the logo

BPI’s Goal: Scalable diversion of organic waste to composting, by verifying that products and packaging will successfully break down in professionally managed composting facilities, without harming the quality of that compost.

BPI will accomplish this goal with three key components:

  • Education - Informing consumers, generators, municipalities and composters of the benefits and availability of products and packaging certified to meet the ASTM standards. 

  • Adoption of Scientifically Based Standards - Promoting responsible use of the BPI Compostable Logo for any product which meets the requirements in ASTM D6400 or D6868, specifications based on decades of research by suppliers, composters and academia around the world.

  • Alliances with Other Organizations - Working with other organizations to further the use and recovery of compostable materials, including harmonization of international standards and development of best practices and case studies.

When you buy a product labeled "compostable," look for the BPI Compostable Logo.  If you don't see it, ask your manufacturer or retailer to use it.

BPI is a science-driven organization that supports a shift to the circular economy by promoting the production, use, and appropriate end of lives for materials and products that are designed to fully biodegrade in specific biologically active environments.

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