, 2015 

Food Waste Collection & Composting Programs

What would you do if you knew 80 million tons of a clean, easily recycled material was being landfilled every year? And, that in a landfill, the material would breakdown to produce methane?

This is a provocative question being asked by more and more communities: food scraps and wet, non-recyclable paper make up 80 million tons of municipal solid waste in North America. This trash can be safely and readily composted. The main difference: concerned citizens asking 'why not?'.

Here are some resources to allow you to ask state and municipal leaders a similar question to start a dialogue about municipal composting programs that include food waste and other mixed organics:

Free Mixed Organics Report from Biocycle

The first step:  download this fact-filled 11-page report from Biocycle Magazine, that discusses communities that have already achieved zero waste: aggressive recycling + mixed organics composting, including food waste.

To obtain your free copy, visit the Biocycle website and enter your email address.

Free Webinar on the Economics of Mixed Organics Collection

NCR Webinar on Food Waste Composting

Next, the National Recycling Coalition hosts a webinar series that discusses the economics and fundamentals of adding mixed organics collection to municipal waste programs. Mike Manna, Managing Director, Organic Recycling Solutions, LLC, and Carla Castagnero, President, AgRecycle, Inc. discuss how to plan and run successful food waste collection and composting programs.

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