Testing Labs for Compostability

Independent laboratories are used for BPI certification, and Members may choose any lab that has been approved by DIN CERTCO.  The approval process ensures the tests are done by an accredited or compliant laboratory, capable of doing the tests for ASTM D6400 or ASTM D6868.

To download a current list of laboratories, please click here.

The three US-based labs (AMC, NSF, Soil Control Labs) are still able to conduct tests, but be sure to check with BPI or the lab directly on the status of their approval with DIN CERTCO, making it clear that your intent is to get certified with BPI.  Contact info for those labs is below.

Biodegradable Products Institute, Inc. |  888c 8th Ave #141, New York, NY 10019  |  1-888-BPI-LOGO

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