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Additional Testing Data on Aquamantra Bottles

13 May 2011 2:05 PM | Lukasz (Administrator)

The BPI tested Aquamantra PET Bottles at a second lab, Organic Waste Systems, using ASTM D5511. After 45 days, the test was stopped, as no biodegradation was observed. Specifically, the positive control achieved 85% after 15 days and finished at 87.3% at the end of the test. The PET test sample showed no biodegradation during the entire 45 day test period.

The test report can be downloaded from the link below:
OWS Aquamantra Final Report Mar 11.pdf

The BPI has now tested PET bottles in 2 independent labs. The first test ran 60 days, the sample achieved 10% of the positive control and no further biodegradation was evident at the end of the period. The second test results were not as successful, with no biodegradation witnessed after 45 days.

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