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biodegradable products

Testing Results for Green Genius "Biodegradable" Bags

04 Apr 2011 9:25 AM | Lukasz (Administrator)

NSF conducted a test of biodegradable" polyethelyne bags sold by Green Genius, using ASTM D5511. This product used an "organic" biodegradable additive.

After 60 days, the bags achieved an overall biodegradation total of 0.16% or less than 1% of the positive control. Additionally. the biodegradation process has stopped, as the gas generation curve plateaued.

This marks the second 60 test showing that the overall level of biodegration stopped before the end of the test in products made from traditional resin that incorporate "organic" biodegradable additives.

Follow the link below for the entire test report:NSF PE Green Genius Final Report Mar 11.pdf


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