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The Compost Initiative

28 Aug 2008 5:11 PM | Anonymous

Rian Bedard at Me & Ollie's is working with Earthtenders to compost most of the bakery's trash - and he issues a challenge to other local businesses to do the same.

Rian Bedard, manger of the Me & Ollie's in downtown Portsmouth, is on a mission and is issuing a challenge to local businesses. To make it simple, call it rethinking waste.

More succinctly, call it thinking seriously about compost and what this means and how much money it can save the city and communities as well as the environment.

Me & Ollie's Café has launched a program with Earthtenders Organics Recycling.

"We are separating organic waste from our trash," said Bedard, "and sending it to Earthtenders' composting facility in Farmington, New Hampshire, where it will be made into organic compost."


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