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biodegradable products

Biodegradable Home Product Lines, Ready to Rot by Penelope Green/New York Times

26 Aug 2008 10:41 AM | Anonymous

THE other day, Cody Anderson, an earnest young salesman at Montauk Sofa on Mercer Street, was extolling the many, many virtues of the

furniture there while leading me to a buff-colored, chenille-covered, down-filled chaise longue called Stanley. “You want to get right onto it,” he

said, taking my bag. “Isn’t that amazing?”

Ploompf. It did feel pretty good. Yet starting this month, the most noteworthy features of Stanley and other Montauk Sofa pieces will be facets you

won’t be able to see or feel, like wood frames from sustainably managed forests, uncoated nails, organic fabrics and stuffings, nontoxic dyes and,

something extra: biodegradability.

“At first the whole idea was to have as little impact on the environment as possible,” said Tim Zyto, chief executive of Montauk. “And then I started

to think, wouldn’t it be great to have no impact? Then it was, hey, what if the sofa just disappears when you’re done with it?”


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